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The common and best cryptocurrency wallets

The need to secure your investments and protect your wealth has profoundly been addressed by block chain tokens and this new era of working with cryptocurrency. Long ago people were finding it hard to secure their wealth and the proper tips for managing it. This new technology has now made banks to go virtual, in that you can do anything right from your handheld gadget that can cheaply be acquired physically and in online stores. Working with cryptocurrency is quite effective and very easy. What you need is a cryptocurrency wallet.

Just like a normal wallet, cryptocurrency wallets allow one to send and receive cryptocurrency more securely and effectively. Since they are many different types, this article selects and explains the best types that are available in the market to help you decide which is preferable to you.

Hardware cryptocurrency wallets

These types of wallets are designed to operate offline. What you do is connect the hardware wallet to your computer or phone and then it generates a private key offline. Otherbitcoin devices only have the ability to generate keys only to devices that are online. These devices have the ability to generate private keys offline to prevent them from the reach of hackers. The best examples of these types are:

Ledger Nano S

This is the most popular of all cryptocurrency wallets in the world today. It was manufactured by Ledger, a bitcoin security firm located in France, and is very cheap, $70 and you have your gadget. It supports nearly all types of cryptocurrency and stores the private keys offline after generating them through their inside chip.


The Nano S and Trezor are very similar. The good thing about it is that it has a screen display and is the first gadget to have a screen to provide an opportunity to operate the gadget itself rather than remotely. This initiative was a significant boost to security. It also supports many types of cryptocurrencies.

walletDesktop cryptocurrency wallets

Exodus is the common desktop wallet although not highly campaigned for because of its closed-source nature. So people only use them at their own risks. We also have Jaxx, an open-source version that is quite preferable.

iOS (including iPad and iPhone ) and Android

Jaxx is also the version type that is used in these devices too. It is a multi-platform type and so very dependable. It’s the most common type used for these version of devices and has proved to be very secure.